Donate to Ele's Place West Michigan

YOU can make the difference! Your gift to Ele's Place West Michigan ensures that our peer grief support programs remain FREE OF CHARGE for as long as a family needs. No child or teen should have to grieve alone.

Ele’s Place West Michigan offers several  DONATION options, including ONE-TIME GIFTS, RECURRING GIFTS, PLEDGE PAYMENTS, and NEW PLEDGES. More information about each option is provided directly below, or scroll down to begin the online donation process.

If you have questions or need assistance at any time, please contact our Development staff at 616.301.1605.


One-Time Gifts of any amount are welcome and appreciated. Each donation of $600 provides peer grief support for a child or teen for one year.

Please note, Pledge Payments on an Existing Pledge may be made online in the One-Time Gift section.


In the One-Time Gift section, there is an option to make a Recurring Gift. This option allows a donor to make ongoing monthly donations to support children and teens who are grieving in our community.


Pledges are multi-year commitments that allow donors to make larger promises to Ele's Place West Michigan, and fulfill them at a comfortable pace over time. Pledges of any amount are welcome and appreciated, and may be made monthly or annually over a three-year period.

Healing Hearts Society members are community ambassadors who actively share the Ele’s Place mission with others, and generously choose to make a significant financial commitment. This special group of donors provides a foundation of support for our FREE OF CHARGE peer grief support programs for children and teens by making pledges to give a minimum of $1,000 per year over a three-year period.

Healing Hearts Society Pledge Levels:

                                             Total                Annually for 3 Yrs.               Monthly for 36 Mos.
Gift of Hope:                     $3,000                            $1,000                                        $83.33 
Gift of Compassion:       $7,500                             $2,500                                       $208.33
Gift of Friendship:         $15,000                            $5,000                                       $416.66
Gift of Love:                    $30,000                           $10,000                                      $833.33

Please note, Pledge Payments on an Existing Pledge may be made online.


If you are interested in making a pledge or sending your contribution via mail, please complete a Pledge Form email to or mail to:
Ele's Place West Michigan, 2000 Michigan St. NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Thank YOU for all you do to support grieving children and teens!

Ele’s Place is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization.